Monday, October 28, 2013

Vanek Trade Follow-up

As Thomas Vanek begins his time with the New York Islanders, he's been paired immediately with John Tavares and Kyle Okposo, which should come as no surprise.
Some have indicated the Islanders might have given up too much for Vanek, considering the draft picks added to the high quality of player in Matt Moulson.  But there is also the argument that Vanek has not yet had a center with the skill level of John Tavares to fully showcase his goal-scoring talents.

There is also some concern that this could be a short-term move.  But, as Arthur Staple writes, Garth Snow likely has designs on a longer-term commitment with Vanek.
Snow also never, ever makes a move with just an eye on right now. He’s hoping to have Vanek for a whole season to convince his new top winger to stay longer in addition to helping the Isles out of their win-one, lose-one malaise. 
When Mark Streit moved from the Island to the Philadelphia Flyers over the summer, prior to becoming an unrestricted free agent, he signed a four-year deal about seven days before he would have hit the open market.  So there is recent precedence for a player signing after being traded.

The speculation, and concern of Islander fans, is that Vanek would want to go to Minnesota.  But could Minnesota afford to take on a big contract like he will garner, after recently inking Zach Parise and Ryan Suter?  

And who knows, Vanek and Tavares might click better than anyone even expects.  It would be hard for him to leave New York if he's racking up goals, winning, and, if the Islanders are willing to pay him the going rate for a player of his caliber.   

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