Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edmonton Oilers: Brown and Paajarvi

An interesting piece was posted recently at by Allan Muir regarding the Edmonton Oilers. Since their recent trade to acquire Mike Brown from the Toronto Maple Leafs, it has been expected that a roster spot would need to be made in order to accommodate Brown, since the Oilers shipped draft picks, not current players, to the Leafs.

Edmonton has gotten a reprieve on that roster move in that Mark Fistric has been placed on injured reserve, freeing up that spot for Brown.  But what happens when Fistric returns?

Muir's article indicates that the Oilers could look to Magnus Paajarvi.  The 21-year-old former tenth overall pick has not gotten the minutes on-ice that a skill player like Paajarvi needs to show his stuff.  And Edmonton is loaded with skilled forwards.

Read Muir's article here to learn about Paajarvi's eligibility for demotion without waivers, and how that may play into Edmonton's decision.  

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