Friday, March 29, 2013

Bouwmeester Next To Be Traded By Calgary Flames?

Now that the speculation about whether Jarome Iginla would be traded is over, the focus for Calgary Flames fans has turned to whether another Flame will dealt.  In particular, the name of Jay Bouwmeester, the Flames' big defenseman has been bantered about.

Considered a shutdown defenseman who sets his teammates up to score, the type of play that Bouwmeester provides has been much sought after as we approach this year's trade deadline (April 3 at 3 pm).  The sticking point on a player like Bouwmeester may be his salary however.  He has one more year remaining on his contract, for which he is a $6.68 million cap hit.  And that has to be taken into account with the lowered team salary caps for next season.

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