Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will the Vancouver Canucks Trade Cory Schneider?

The Vancouver Canucks are in a good spot right now with two top tier goaltenders. However, these netminders do come at a premium, regarding salary, to the team. That being said, although almost all the talk this year has been about Roberto Luongo trade scenarios, would the Canucks consider trading Cory Schneider?

In a recent episode of the Hockey Central at Noon podcast, Vancouver GM Mike Gillis indicated that you would be surprised how many teams have inquired about their "goalies". That would imply that teams are not only interested in Roberto Luongo, but in Cory Schneider as well.

So, would the Canucks part with Schneider? For the right price, they certainly would.

Schneider is in the first year of a three year deal, per, which will pay him $12 million over the life of the deal. His cap hit to the Canucks is $4 million each year although his salary is structured in an escalating manner.

Luongo on the other hand is in the third year of a 12 year deal with an annual cap hit of $5.33 million per season, according to

If the Canucks think they have a shot at the Stanley Cup this year, and why wouldn't they, it might make sense to add a needed defenseman or forward through trading one of their goaltenders, even if it is Schneider. The difference in the hit to their total cap with either of these goalies is a mere $1.33 million annually.

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