Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 NHL Trade Prospects - 3 Big Names

There haven't been any blockbuster trades yet in 2013.  Some expected Roberto Luongo to get moved by the Vancouver Canucks early this season, and that hasn't panned out.  As we get closer to the April 3 trade deadline for 2013, and as the playoff race shakes out, expect there to be some big names involved in trades between contending and non-contending clubs.

The three players below have high potential to be involved in trades this season, due to the reasons described:
  1. Jarome Iginla -  Iginla will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.  He's had a slow start to 2013, at least as far as his personal goal scoring goes, but at 35 years-old, he still has plenty of potential left.  He's been a Calgary Flame since scoring 50 points as a rookie in 1996-97.  It would be expected that Calgary would like to keep him, and that he would like to finish his career there.  But, with Calgary's slow start this season, and with Iginla's goal-scoring way down, there has been chatter that all he needs is a change of scenery.  If he does get moved, based on what I heard on a recent episode of The Hockey News podcast with Adam Proteau, teams in contention for his services include the following:  Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers and Los Angeles Kings.
  2. Ryan O'Reilly - O'Reilly and the Colorado Avalanche haven't been able to come to terms on a contract and the restricted free agent has remained off the ice for the 2013 season.  It was previously reported the O'Reilly was looking for $4 million or more per season, which wasn't in the budget as far as the Avalanche were concerned.  Trade talks have been heating up lately, and one of the teams that has come up as a potential destination is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  
  3. Cory Schneider - Yes, I know.  Roberto Luongo has been the Vancouver Canuck goalie involved in most discussions regarding a trade. was recently mentioned by GM Mike Gillis that teams have inquired about their "goalies"....plural.  So, with it known that Luongo could be the goalie most likely to be involved in a trade, let's state that there is also high potential for his younger netmate to be moved in any potential deal involving the Canucks.  Don't rule it out.  

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