Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 NHL Free Agents - Alexander Semin

Alexander Semin signed a one-year deal last July, worth $7 million with the Carolina Hurricanes.  He currently sits at the top of the unrestricted free agent pay scale according to

Semin is a goal creator and a goal scorer, with 200 goals and 218 assists for his 482 game regular season career, as of this writing.  His absence may be a large contributor to the struggles that the Washington Capitals have endured this season.

So far, he seems to fit well in Carolina, notching 10 points in 13 games (3 goals and 7 assists).  The Hurricanes also sit atop the Southeastern division in the Eastern conference.

The Hurricanes are going to compete this season.  No doubt.  And Semin will remain with the team through the end of this season.  They certainly could use an offensive threat like Semin for the long-run, but his asking price will tell the tale of whether or not he is signed to a long-term contract with the team.  The team has several free agents coming up after this season according, and is projected to be just over $12 million under next year's lower cap total, without any signings, according to records at  If Semin will take an  annual salary pay cut, and I don't see how he couldn't given the new salary cap, then there is a chance he remains with the Hurricanes.  If not, he'll wind up on a team well under next year's cap, like the New York Islanders.  

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